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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship to Canadian locations?

Yes we ship to Canaidan locations as we are a Canadian company. Locations must have a UPS or Puralator pick up location for a next day express shipment, or an address that can accept such a shippment.

Do you offer guarranties?

Yes, we guarranty that your jellyfish will arrive alive. If not we will replace them for free on the next collection. Customers are responsible for shipping costs.

How can I buy one?

You can join our collections list. This is a list of customers who will take jellyfish on the next shipment. As we do not keep jellyfish in stock. Once we have enough orders we send the boat out into the ocean and collect them for everyone at once.

Will a Jellyfish Art desk top tank work?

Unfortunatly a desk top tank will not work. This is because Canadian jellyfish require a temperature of 18 degrees. This means that a chiller will have to be installed to lower the temperature. A desk top tank that is 9 gallons will not be able to provide the calm environment in which a jellyfish will need to live. The minimal recommended tank size is 35 gal. Please see Resources tab for more details.

Where can I get a chiller from?

The best place we have seen so far is Marinedepot.com

Do you supply tanks?

Currently we do not supply tanks. Hopefully we can offer a complete set by the end of 2012. All tanks are normally custom made.

Are Moons and Sea Gooseberry compatable?

Yes they are. But because the Sea Gooseberrys are much weaker and smaller then the Moons they will need a much calmer environment then what a normal Moon tank would be like.

What do jellyfish eat?

The main source of food for jellyfish in captivity are brine shrimp. These shrimps can be bought frozen from pet stores who supply salt water fish.
Brine shrimp eggs can be bought online and hatched at home.
Predator jellyfish can be feed other jellyfish or larger sea life other then brine shrimp. Examples have known to be such as thin slices of store bought raw salmon.

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